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Nueboo Premium Breast Tape (Nude/Vanilla)

Brand: Nueboo
SKU: Nueboo_VanillaTape85336


  • Nueboo Breast Tape is a stick on bra alternative that (unlike most stick on bras) actually works! Works For Any Bust Size, A-G (DDDD) Cup!

  • Get Instant Lift And Control In 10 Minutes. Nueboo tape is what you use when need support but you cant wear a bra with your outfit! Waterproof. Use It With Your Swimsuits.

  • Guaranteed To Last For 12 Hours. Painless To Remove.

  • Nueboo tape is made from a cotton blend and medical grade adhesive. The tape is stretchy and sticky allowing you to easily position your breasts how ever you want.

  • You get 16.5 feet (5 metres) worth of Nueboo tape in every box. On average our customers use one box per month. However it is all dependent on your bust size and how frequent you use the tape. Bigger busts will get about 5 uses. Smaller busts can get up to 15 uses.

STEP 1: Cover your nipples with the Nueboo Nip Covers

STEP 2: Roughly measure out strips of Nueboo Tape and pre-cut enough strips for one boob. The lengths and number of strips can vary depending on desired style and bust size.

STEP 3: Lift your breast in the desired position and apply the Nueboo Tape starting from underneath your boob and peeling off the protective seal whilst pulling the tape into position. To maximise stick, try not to reposition the tape once it is place. Repeat for the other boob.

STEP 4: Boom! Instant cleavage. Get dressed and enjoy your perfect lift!

REMOVAL: Slowly pull tape from skin. If you are having trouble removing the tape from the skin, try using coconut oil or moisturiser. Rub oil in circles around the edges of the tape and it should come off effortlessly.