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Nova Sport Active Fragrance

Brand: Nova

NOVA Sport is a unisex eau de toilette inspired by active lifestyles. Designed for movement, we created a fresh formula with the ability to combat the effects of physical activity, yet also with the polished base of a classic fine fragrance. Its composition is both functional and sophisticated - equally suited to men and women.

NOVA Sport opens with top notes of Calabrian Bergamot, a 100% natural citrus oil prized for cleansing, mood-boosting properties. Our Bergamot is free of Bergepten - the naturally occurring chemical that causes phototoxicity - making this eau de toilette safe for all activities under the sun. NOVA Sport’s base notes are an appealing, slightly spicy blend of sensual Blonde Wood, clean White Musk and layered warm Amber.

NOVA Sport is long lasting with a single application, but creates an effect mellow enough to be refreshed throughout the day. We recommend a controlled dose if applying prior to a workout.