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Niod Elasticity Catalyst Neck Serum 50ml

Brand: Niod
SKU: Niod_NeckElasticityCatalyst-50ml


These technologies respect the elasticity protein—or elastin—and elastic fibres for a direct increase in the look of elasticity.
  • Fundamental Protein Tetrapeptide
  • Leontopodic Acid (Plant Biotechnology)
  • Plantamajoside Phenylpropanoid Complex (Plant Biotechnology)


These technologies help to reduce the appearance of lax skin which is generally caused by the key enzyme that breaks down elastin—or elastase—and progerin—a truncated protein that causes dysfunctional cellular aging. (Please note that Elastin is “good” and Elastase is “bad” and some articles misspell—or, worse, mistake—these two components for one another.)
  • Amino Complex of Arginyl-Tryptophyl-Diphenyl-Glycine
  • Bio-Complex of Trifluoroacetylated Tripeptide


These technologies work to increase the look of skin density—as a secondary mechanism to support the look of viscoelasticity and reduce the appearance of persistent irregularities.
  • Circulatory Push-Pull Biotechnology of Caffeine, Carnitine and Bitter Ginger
  • Multi-Stimulatory (<10 kDa) Direct-Form Hyaluronic AcidNot to be confused with any form of hyaluronic acid used generally in skincare, this technology is not a sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid—or in simple terms, not to be confused with sodium hyaluronate—and is able to increase the look of dermal density, resulting in overall visible elasticity in a novel way not directly correlated to elastin. (It’s important to reiterate that this non-salt, 10kDa-molecular-weight form of direct Hyaluronic Acid is not a surface or below-surface hydration technology, unlike most common salt forms of HA.)