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Mitch Stone Luxury Repair & Style Leave In Conditioner - 6 oz.

SKU: MitchStone_MSE-00305

This heat protecting cream is a protective barrier between your blow dryer or diffuser and your hair. This protection is what ensured your hair will grow longer, more dense with less breakage. Heat is the one cause of hair damage and a thermal protector like this is recommended for daily use. This leave in heat protecting conditioner helps to protect from styling irons and flat irons if you smooth or curl your hair regularly as well.

This product is infused with the Mitch Stone Vcomp formula of rich botanical ingredient such as Argan Oil, Papaya Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin by, Vitamin b12 and Vitamin E. This potent mix of antioxidants preserve and nourish the hair with each use.

  • Intensive Hydrating Leave In Conditioner: Hydrate every strand with this luxurious, softening leave-in conditioning treatment.
  • Perfect Pre-Blow Dry Cream: This sulphate free product protects against the hottest blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons.
  • Excellent Diffusing Product for Curls & Waves: Give curls the moisture and protection needed if you use heat to style.
  • Seal and Repair Cuticle: This anti-frizz cream seals the cuticle tightly and prevents humidity from ruining your style.
  • Exceptional Fragrance: This light and airy fragrances makes your feel happy and rejuvenated.