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Mitch Stone Essentials Volume Texture Spray & Hair Fragrance


Mitch Stone’s Volume Texture Spray is a modern day hair spray that hybrids as a dry shampoo, texture spray and hair fragrance all in one. This formula adds volume and a slight hold without that sticky feeling of your mother’s hairspray, keeping hair soft and manageable. The lightweight spray instantly absorbs oils like a dry shampoo while adding volume and texture wherever applied. This exotic formula has a sultry fragrance that is both sophisticated and sexy and can be used throughout your day to refresh and reinvigorate your hair.

Features & Benefits:

Adds amazing volume and texture to any style
Perfect for that messy, sexy look day or night
Lightweight and invisible
Refreshes hair and absorbs oil
How to Use:

Shake can well. Hold can about 10 inches from hair and apply for desired texture and finish. Spray on finished style for light hold.