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Lili Margo Kiss it better Nourishing Lip Balm 15ml

Brand: Lili Margo
SKU: LiliMargo__KissitbetterNourishingLipBalm


This treatment awakens the natural color of the lips and makes them uniformly pink. Rich in vegetable oils, Kiss it better deeply nourishes  thanks to its super-greasy texture and offers a feeling of comfort. This balm protects against external aggressions and climatic conditions. The lips are smooth, soft and voluptuous from the first application.

  •  Nourishing
  •  Moisturizing
  •  Smoothing
  •  Soothing
  •  Regenerating


Lili Margo was created in 2017 when a young Parisian collaborated with a skincare expert with more than 30 years of experience within the most renowned French skincare institutions. This combination of modernity and know-how gave birth to the first skincare brand connecting generations while promoting the French beauty culture all over the world.


Lili Margo is part of the new era of the beauty industry. Our cares have an average of 95% of naturalness, composed by active ingredients extracted from flowers, plants, fruits or other organic sources.

Ecocert or Cosmos certified ingredients as well as eco-designed products allow Lili Margo’s skin cares to be the more eco-friendly possible.


Research, innovation and scientific know-how are the essence of Lili Margo. Our team of 14 scientists is constantly formulating the most effective treatments using patented raw materials.

Lili Margo’s products are researched, developed, and 100% made in France respecting the highest norms and standards of manufacturing strictly compliant with the worldwide regulations to reflect the French performance and quality.