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Jane Inc. Eucalyptus Shower Mist

Brand: Jane Inc.
SKU: JaneInc_EucalyptusShowerMist


4 oz


Turn your shower into a eucalyptus steam room. 100 % Essential Oil. Just one spray into the steamy air of your shower sends clouds of healing, head clearing eucalyptus steam into the air.

It’s the most effective oil for any kind of cold or respiratory infection and will also help to protect against future viruses. Just a whiff of this powerful oil will do the trick, so spray some of our oil in a tissue throughout the day and inhale the scent whenever you need some quick relief.

Brand Info

Jane Inc. is a mother and daughter owned company established in 1992. All of their products are handmade in the USA of quality, natural ingredients. From Jane’s herb garden in the 1970's to the dried lavender in her Eye Pillows now, there is a consistent line of nurturing and love – or comfort and joy - which is their company motto. Jane Inc. believes in transparency in ingredients and a simple integrity in all of their business dealings.