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Hollybeth Organics Cleansing Gel with Chamomile & Rose Geranium


This healthy blend of certified organic essential oils and organic castile soap gently cleanses leaving skin refreshed and renewed, never stripped or dry. Vegan and Gluten free.

Made with coconut and jojoba oils, rather than the animal fats and synthetic substances found in many traditional liquid soaps and cleansers, castile soap is hypoallergenic and low impact (with a simple manufacture process that allows for a reduced waste stream and faster biodegradability).

Our Philosophy: At the very foundation of HollyBeth Organics, we believe there’s no need to sacrifice the earth for luxury. Safe, non-toxic products both nurture the skin and uplift the soul. We create USDA Certified Organic products not only for beautiful skin, but to help maintain a beautiful world.

About our Brand:As a company, from our artisan manufacturing process to our Earth-friendly packaging and shipping, we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We also support fair-trade practices that encourage prosperity globally. We wholeheartedly endorse certified organic and cruelty-free product classifications. Through ongoing donations we support causes that better the world’s people, places and living things.