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Flagship Streamline Traditional Pomade

SKU: FlagshipStreanline_TraditionalPomade

A classic oil based pomade with a twist: the ability to rinse out with just water. Where as many oil based products leave you with waxy or oily build up, this one will rinse from the hair leaving it conditioned and nourished. It has smooth and slick styling and a fresh scent made from essential oils. When applied to dry hair, you will get the most volume. When applied to damp or towel dried, you will get slicker, tighter styles. Medium hold and low to medium shine, time to start enjoying the best of both worlds!

Scent: Black Pepper and Bergamot


Brand: Your one stop shop for unisex grooming supplies and personal care items, men's clothing and leather goods, and soon much more! Not only an online store, but also a retail space for our local area. We are currently only accepting in-store visits by appointment.
We are excited to grow this part of Flagship Pomade Company to allow for us to cover smaller artisan brands and provide them to you along with many of the other name brands in the handmade pomade community.