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Flagship Dead Sea Clay Hair Pomade and Clay


Flagship Dead Sea Clay

We used a combination of Kaolin and Sea Clay to create an extremely smooth yet grippy clay product. For those of us with shorter hair, the hold will be fairly high, but still allowing for texture and easy restyling. We have also used sea salt in the process to help push the theme and provide mineral benefits for the scalp.

We also themed our scent after things you would find around the Dead Sea itself: Lavender, Balsam, and Cypress. Smooth and floral.

Much like our other waterbased products, this product will wash out easily and leave your hair soft and refreshed after each use. No drying out like some of the higher end clays on the market.
Leave your hair soft and refreshed after each use, does not dry out! The best Clay and Pomade on the market
Perfect clay for a smooth feel. Water based, so it washes out easily
Allows for texture and easy restyling
Added sea salt provides mineral benefits for the scalp

Size: 4oz