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Fillerina Specific Zone Neck and Cleavage Treatment (Grade 5)

Brand: Fillerina
SKU: Fillerina_ZoneNeckCleavage_Grade5


1.7 fl oz


Fillerina specific neck and cleavage treatment is a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment that helps to reduce wrinkles and add volume to the neck and chest area.


This anti aging set comes with a replenishing gel serum and nourishing film tightening and hydrating lotion-the two work hand in hand for a 14 day skin care treatment.

Brand Info

Fillerina was released in 2012, introducing six different kinds of hyaluronic acids. Fillerina broke the market with home use products that fill in deep-set wrinkles on cheekbones and lips. Their products are needle-free, their gels are proved to diminish volume in eyes, cheeks, and lips, and their creams are beneficial to giving results which last up to four months.