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Fillerina Bio-Revitalizing Plumping System

Brand: Fillerina
SKU: Fillerina_PlumpingSystem_932


4 Hydrating Face Masks


Each Saturated Cellulous Sheet use Transdermic technology and the NEW 932 Formula containing 9 different Hyaluronic Acid, 3 different Collagen and 2 Elastin Molecules. This Grade 5 Formula also includes 20 Amino Acids which build the skins foundation with Collagen and Elastin to provide flex and strength, 11 Vitamins which provide metabolic cell reproduction to leave the skin radiant and plump. Includes Vitamin C and Vitamin A (retinol). There are also 6 Trace Elements that provide Ionic Balance to the skin by delivering Oxygen to the cells and tissues. And finally, 2 Nucleic Acids to stimulate cell repair! The necessary penetration of each ingredient is evaluated by the Franz Cells tool.


Use one Sheet Mask once a week for a full one month treatment cycle preferably between Fillerina’s Replenishing Gel Treatment Cycles. Remove sheet from pouch and remove cellulous sheet from plastic sheet. Apply to face and relax with sheet on face for 30 minutes. Remove sheet and discard. Pat the unabsorbed gel into the skin and let fully penetrate. Do not wash off. The best time to apply the treatment is at night. We suggest that you follow with Fillerina Night Cream to enhance the benefits. Tip: Squeeze any remaining gel from the packet into your hand and pat into the neck area.

Brand Info

Fillerina was released in 2012, introducing six different kinds of hyaluronic acids. Fillerina broke the market with home use products that fill in deep-set wrinkles on cheekbones and lips. Their products are needle-free, their gels are proved to diminish volume in eyes, cheeks, and lips, and their creams are beneficial to giving results which last up to four months.