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Fillerina 932 Eyes and Eyelids and Mouth and Lips Promo Pack - Eye Treatment and Lip Treatment (Grade 5)

Brand: Fillerina
SKU: Fillerina_B932689


This pack includes one 932 Lips and Mouth Wand and one 932 Eyes and Eyelids Wand. Both with the NEW Improved 932 Formula! Limitied Edition Set! 30% savings!

Grade 5 is for more severe signs of aging.

Both 932 Lips and Mouth and 932 Eyes and Eyelids contain the NEW Improved Formula now with 9 Hyaluronic Acid, 3 Collagen and 2 Elastin Molecules to deliver this dermo cosmetic gel to the specific zones around the eyes and the lips. 932 Lips and Mouth will smooth out the “barcode” lines around the mouth and plump the lips. 932 Eyes and Eyelids will reduce the hollowness, smooth out crows feet, tighten the eyelids and boost the brows.