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Eloise Kabuki Bullet 4D Brush

Brand: Eloise

  • Back in stock AGAIN and AGAIN due to popular demand! The most sought out innovative brush!
  • We believe that the closer the bristles are to your face, the better the control and application you will have, which is why we created the Kabuki Bullet 4D Brush.
  • It features a unique trademarked Domed handle, for maximum control. Its ergonomic shape has a pointed tip and curved edges, which fits effortlessly into every contour of the face. Each vegan friendly & cruelty free brush, holds thousands of super soft, synthetic fibers that guarantees you remarkable results.
  • Apply any liquid onto the face first, and gently glide the brush in a backwards and forwards stroke until you get the coverage that you desire.
  • Please note: Do not submerge the brush hairs IN WATER.


Our ultimate mission is to produce forward thinking, state of the art products that are 100% cruelty free, inclusive, exceptional quality, innovative and UNIQUE, that defines beauty in every single way.
Products are exclusively designed and created by Eloise Beauty, which ultimately stands out from the crowd, with its jaw- dropping innovative designs. Our aim was to set the standards high and introduce a wide range of trend-led products that not only break away from conventional traditions, but instead challenge you to think outside the box. Our products are aesthetically appealing, dress table worthy and deliver impeccable results!