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Dr. Vranjes Rosso Nobile Scented Candles (200g & 80g) Tormalina Vase in a Red Box

SKU: DrVranjes__FRV20-D16


  • IDr Vranjes 2 Rosso Nobile scented candles, 200 g and 80 g)
  • A Christmas gift box consisting of two elegant tourmaline-colored candles (200 g and 80 g) in the Rosso Nobile fragrance. The ideal gift box for those who want to treat their loved ones - or themselves - to an enchanting scented atmosphere.
  • Both candles are made exclusively in Florence, using pure essences and certified waxes.
  • The Tourmaline-Rosso Nobile scented decorative candles come from the divine union of precious tourmaline and our famous Rosso Nobile fragrance. A marriage of the highest quality perfume and refined Made in Florence artistry: the olfactory pleasure is perfect in creating an enchanting.

Brand: Elegant perfumed furnishing accessories hand-crafted in Florence for over 35 years. Still the cradle of luxury artisan products today, Renaissance Florence is home to our headquarters and laboratories, founded and managed by cosmetician, chemist and “nose” Dr. Paolo Vranjes and his wife Anna Maria.