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Deborah Lippmann Hand Exfoliator, Marshmallow

SKU: DeborahLippmann_Marshmallow_CuticleScrub

A unique whipped marshmallow hand scrub that combines AHA and BHA fruit and plant acids along with Perlite – a natural volcanic substance – to lift dead skin cells and clear pores revealing a brighter, glowing skin. The cooling and soothing properties of Marshmallow Root Extract help calm irritated skin while Glycerin and Coconut Oil deeply moisturize. Hands and cuticles feel softer, smoother and younger-looking at first application. Enjoy the creamy marshmallow scent. 

The recommended use for the Marshmallow hand scrub is once or twice a week. If skin looks rough and dull more often than not, the hand scrub can be used up to three times a week. 

Net Wt. 2 oz. / 57 g.