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Claire Burke Filled Candle Original

SKU: ClaireBurke_08503.041


Magically luminous in a newly designed glass. With a stay-put lid and 2 extra ounces of wax, you’ll be delighted by their radiant beauty.

A modern celebration of vintage charm in a luminous glass mason jar. The radiant glow and alluring aroma of rose, lavender, patchouli, vetiver and spices sets a calming mood for elegance and beauty. Estimated Burn Time: 70 hrs


We invite you to discover an extraordinary home fragrance collection that speaks to your sense of style while imparting the ‘Scent of Memories’ with unexpected flair.

The ‘Scent of Memories’ evokes experience; melding past and present in a luminous link that fills the atmosphere with possibilities. This is the spirit of decorating with fragrance. This is the heart of the Claire Burke® collection.

More than 59 years ago, this Home Fragrance collection began with the creative vision of our founder, Claire Burke herself. A talented interior designer, she was intrigued by fragrance and began exploring how to capture its essence. Blending flowers and herbs, she created aromatic sachets of rose petals, lavender and cinnamon bark. So popular were these that she began blending other botanicals and thus launched our first decorative home fragrance line, Claire Burke® Potpourri.

Since those early days, Claire Burke® has become beloved by so many for its special blend of fragrances and accessories. Always seeking new ways to decorate with fragrance, we stay true to our founder’s mission of creating the ‘Scent of Memories’ to captivate and illuminate.

We invite you to discover inspiring new ways to decorate your home with fragrance and give a special gift of a fragrant memory, only from Claire Burke®.