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Careline Stay Long Make-up Spf10 Water Proof for 18hrs (602 Light Beige)

SKU: Careline_StayLongMakeup_602

Careline Stay Long Water Proof Make up SPF 10 (Formerly Bio Genic Make up)

•This foundation is the one you are looking for, it contains a variety of natural ingredients to help maintain healthy skin, it's Water Proof, Very Comfortable, Helps remove wrinkles, Moisturizing,

SPF 10

Waterproof for 18hrs


Rockland Cosmetics Inc. is an Authorized importer and distributer for the largest Israeli Cosmetics manufacturers such as Careline consumer goods & Marvell Cosmetics Ltd. Careline manufactures several brands which include; Careline, Natural Formula, Shuki Zikri, Neca & Titanium. Marvell manufatures L'Orchid, True Love, Adam & Eve etc. 

We serve the Wholesale and Retail markets all over the United States, our main clients are Beauty Salons, Pharmacies, Groceries and Hair Salons