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Benamôr Rose Amélie Body Butter | Rose Scented Body Butter | Hydrating Body Butter | Rich Body Lotion | European Body Lotion for Dry Skin | Vegan Body Lotion

Brand: Benamor
SKU: Benamor_BN111653


  • Benamôr Rose Amélie body butter is formulated with argan oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter to provide the skin with hydration to improve texture and repair elasticity. Our body butter’s shea butter is melted with love and care in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • The rich lotion’s sweet almond oil acts as an emollient, giving your skin an extraordinary feeling of softness. The shea moisture body butter protects, hydrates and repairs skin from past damage. The rich body lotion is lightly rose scented from organic rose oil made in the countryside of Portugal.
  • Benamor’s recipes are made with classic cosmetic ingredients of high quality and natural origin. All ingredients are grown and processed in Portugal since 1925, and as a European body lotion, our body butters follow strict formulation guidelines and are thoroughly tested.
  • Benamor is one of Europe’s most beloved beauty brands. All of our natural skincare recipes are paraben free, petroleum free and dermatologically tested.