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Aquiesse Reed Diffuser Sandalwood Vanille

Brand: Aquiesse
SKU: Aquiesse_11025


  • A rustic inspired blend. Intoxicating musk embodies fresh cut sandalwood, hints of white vanilla fleur, lavender and citrus-infused bergamot. Charming and complex.
  • Includes reeds, and decorative stoppered bottle
  • Luxurious scent fills the room for 3-6 months
  • Scents of Wild Lavender, Spanish Sage, Dry Chaparral & White Sandalwood
  • Alcohol-free fine fragrance oil, 9.5 fl. Oz


Enhance your state of mind.

AQUIESSE creates luxury products designed to evoke happiness and inspire a sense of hope and individual purpose. By crafting luxe fragrances from the highest quality ingredients, our desire is not to provide you with an escape, but to ground you in the present, a place where you can recover your sense of awe at the wildness and beauty of life.