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Aquiesse Portfolio Collection Large Candle - French Oak Currant (10 oz)

Brand: Aquiesse
SKU: Aquiesse_99020-2


Get swept off your feet. Luscious red currant, juicy citrus, sweet cassis and rich french oak infuse romantic vibes. Modern yet classic
If you have enjoyed Marseille Cassis or Rioja, you will enjoy French Oak Currant. These are all the same fragrance by different names.


Size: 11oz / 312g / 100 Hours
Scent: Deep Red Currant, Cassis, Citrus, & French Oak

Enhance your state of mind.

AQUIESSE creates luxury products designed to evoke happiness and inspire a sense of hope and individual purpose. By crafting luxe fragrances from the highest quality ingredients, our desire is not to provide you with an escape, but to ground you in the present, a place where you can recover your sense of awe at the wildness and beauty of life.