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Indeed Laboratories Snoxin II 30ml

SKU: Indeed_SnoxinII


Facial Line & Wrinkle Fighting Serum

snoxin II™ is a supercharged serum developed with XEP-018™, a clinically proven biomimetic peptide that minimizes muscle contractions to instantly soften the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles. Using high dosage peptides, it delivers both instant and long-term results including smoother and more even-textured skin, maximum moisture retention and improved elasticity. Whether you’re in your twenties or your eighties, this product works for everyone and anyone trying to look a little more youthful! This serum is a safer, milder and more affordable alternative to needles and plastic surgery. Expect results within 2 hours of application.

Size: 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

How to Use
Apply a pea-sized amount to a cleansed face in the AM and PM. Follow with a moisturiser and sun protection. Expect results within 2 hours of application, with continued improvement for up to 28 days. Use snoxin II™ consistently for optimal results.


  • Improves skin’s elasticity and smoothness revelaing fresher, more vibrant skin
  • Targeted solution to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with visible results appearing within 2 hours and lasting up to 8 hours*

*Based on XEP-018™ consumer study