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Masktini Night Ranger, Overnight Renewal Mask - Hyaluronic Acid for Plumping Fine Lines, Soothes Inflammation, Restores Smooth Skin, Retinol for Healthy Cellular Renewal 1.7 oz 50 mL

Brand: Masktini
SKU: Masktini_93775


  • NATURALLY AWESOME: Masktini isn't about changing you - it's about tapping into what's already there. Clinical grade ingredients that deliver real results, no harsh preservatives, no perfume. All active ingredients are naturally derived/plant derived; nothing is cultivated from humans or animals including stem cells
  • NIGHT RANGER: While you’re snuggled up with our cozy citrus-vanilla scent, your skin will be motorin’ toward total radiance with this transformative leave-on life-saver.
  • EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lime peal acids to restore smooth, even texture. Papaya enzymes to calm redness and inflammation. Hyaluronic acid to lock in plumping hydration. Retinol to help boost healthy cellular turnover. Clinical grade ingredients that deliver real results, no harsh preservatives, no perfume
  • EASY DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, apply a thin layer and smooth over entire face, using gentle upward strokes. Leave on overnight to awaken a more luminous complexion. If light flaking occurs, reduce usage.
  • SILKY SLEEP THERAPY: Feather-light and deeply nourishing. Encouraging healthy cellular renewal, soothing inflammation, and plump away fine lines.


Despite her successful Wall Street career—or perhaps because of it—Masktini founder Olga Parno struggled with extreme skin sensitivities. Trying product after bland, milky product, she found herself trapped in a painful cycle of irritation and breakouts. Makeup only aggravated the problem, and she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin.

Olga was frustrated with the clinical experience of most sensitive skin products—so she took matters into her own hands. Working closely with a multi-disciplinary team of skincare experts, she developed four gentle, results-oriented masks designed to help even the most reactive skin achieve complexion perfection. Inspired by the simple pleasures of enjoying an artisan cocktail with girlfriends at the end of a hectic day, she decided to call the product “Masktini.”

But she also believed that Masktini’s personality should mirror the women who use it—which means that like you, our products defy definition, resist limits and contain multitudes. So, although Masktini is designed to deliver serious skincare, the experience of using it is anything but. Within the shelfie-ready packaging, four unique multi-sensory escapes await. In short, the luxurious Masktini self-care experience is every bit as beautiful as its radiant results.