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Indeed Laboratories In-Circadian Night Mask 50ml

SKU: Indeed_In-CircadianNightMask


Rejuvenating Sleep Mask

Start your day right by waking up with youthful, hydrated and glowing skin! in-circadian night mask is inspired by the skin’s natural circadian rhythm and works alongside the skin’s regeneration process while you sleep. Also known as your 24-hour sleep/wake cycle, your circadian rhythm can influence body temperature, cell regeneration, water loss, hormone release, and skin’s natural healing process. Lespedeza capitata plant extracts and the powerful dawnergy™ peptide work with the skin’s circadian rhythm to help fight skin damage caused by environmental stressors, improve skin circulation and complexion, decrease morning puffiness, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. These actives work together with polyglutamic acid to help build the skin’s moisture barrier to lock in hydration leaving you with a more radiant and even skin tone. This thirst-quenching mask is ideal for those with tired or dry skin looking for the perfect morning glow and boost of hydration.

Size: 1.7 US fl.oz. / 50ml


  • Hydrates and moisturises the skin
  • Improves complexion and skin tone
  • Defends against daily stressors that disrupt the skin’s natural circadian rhythm
  • Decreases the appearance of facial puffiness and dark circles