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Ceramica Edgar Picas Vintage Portuguese Traditional Clay Terracotta Casserole With Lid Made In Portugal Cazuela (N.5 12" Diameter)

SKU: CeramicaEdgarPicas_TachosRegionais_N5


  • Material: Clay - Terracotta - Not Suitable For Electric or Glass Top Stoves
  • Hand Painted
  • Various Sizes Available - N.2/8" - 8 cups which is 2 Quarts; N.3/9 1/8" - 14 cups which is 3.5 Quarts; N.4 / 10 3/8" - 20 cups which is 5 Quarts; N.5 / 12" - 26 cups which is 6.5 Quarts.
  • Food Safe
  • Before the first use, place the article in water for 8 hours




The tradition of hand-painted red clay pottery has always been with our family, by our parents who received teachings from our grandparents, always passing from parents to children, today we feel the responsibility to follow these teachings and make them last for many decades. All of our products are the result of the pleasure of ceramics and the tradition of our land, rooted in our family.

The strong connection to the region where we operate impels us to its development potential, the people who daily strive to achieve a great final result, continue today to be the main pillars of our company.

This is a little bit of our Portugal.