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Fornasetti PALAZZO Scented Candle. 300g

Brand: Fornasetti
SKU: Fornasetti_3-298 F-CAN300-PA


Who said that a scent can't look amazing? Fornasetti Fragrances mix the unique designs of the italian iconic artist with premium home fragrances for a multi-sensational experience.


The dawn of our story rises on the ever changing , restless and hopelessly optimistic city of Milan. A mostly incongruous claque of artists, designers, revolutionaries daring to rewrite the rules of visual arts never bothering to ask anyone's permission.

Much against his father's will, young Fornasetti becomes a student at Milan's Breta Academy, one of the most renowned art schools in Italy. Although young Fornasetti's self-taught approach and eclectic mindset makes for his own paved path and unique style.